How to start your own Photo booth company

So  you have decided you’re going to start your own photo booth hire business, that’s great! But where do you begin? How are you going to get this business off the ground? These may be some of the questions running through your mind, we here at ThePhotoboothGroup have devised a 5 step guide to help you along the way, this will ensure that you get started in the best shape possible and that you are able  to turn your business into a success!

Step 1How to choose the right booth supplier”

The first step to take in setting up your own photo booth hire business is to diligently decide on the right booth supplier from whom you’ll buy your photo booth.  There are many options out there and but not all are created equal, so before you decide on who to go for, please do the following.

Google Search is your friend…..

Utilise the benefits and convenience of using a Google search to help find the top suppliers, do bare in mind that you will need to do some further research into each manufacturer once you have compiled a list via Google, just because a company is ranked top on Google does not necessarily mean they are the right ones to go with.

Search Terms….

It’s easy to say “Do a Google Search” But if you are not using the right terms Google can be a hard nut to crack, below is a short list of search terms that we find most helpful when looking for a manufacturer

  • Photo booth manufacturer UK
  • Where to buy a photo booth
  • Top photo booth manufacturing companies
  • Affordable photo booth manufacturing companies
  • Buy a photo booth

Before you take the leap of faith……

Once you have compiled a list you will need to make contact with the selected companies and schedule time to visit their show rooms. Use this time at the showroom to find out about their after care and what, if any guarantees you get with your purchase, despite the incentive they give you to buy on the day of your visit we always suggest that you do not make a decision until you have been to see all your choices.

When you speak to them it is a good idea to ask for some information on their current clients so that you can get some good honest feedback. If they are reluctant to provide you with any testimonials or any of their current or past clients this could be a cause for concern.

Check online for reviews, again google is a good tool to use to do this, another great under utilised resource is forums, look and find some forums of existing photo booth hirers and see what they have to say about the manufacturers you have identified, they may even point you in the direction of some that you are not aware of. Another smal insider trick is to call current hirers and ask them where they buy their booths, in most cases they will be very helpful and give you some priceless information.

We touched on guarantees earlier in the blog, a Golden Rule we have at ThePhotoboothGroup is to ensure that every guarantee or promise is given in writing. We ensure that all our clients have a clear dialogue and any promises made are backed up in writing via e mail, this way you have proof to fall back on if there are any disputes relating to what you have received and what you were expecting, thus protecting both parties.

We hope you have enjoyed Step 1 of how to start your own Photo booth hire company, Step 2 “How To Choose the right booth” will be published in the next 10 days, if you cannot wait that long please download our How To manual from our website  this has steps 1 – 5 ready and waiting for you.